Jorley Media provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. We develop everything from small website projects like brochure sites to multi-functional custom programmed ecommerce sites. With a huge network of resources and the required business and technical expertise to develop websites of any complexity, we can handle all your needs. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends.

It starts with a design..

Every buisness needs a website to realistically compete in their specific market. There are several things that come into play during the concept and planning phase. A website needs to have solid branding, strong validated code, search engine optimization integration and it needs to be built with the newest technologies. By breaking the process down and spending the needed time on each phase, we give you the highest opportunity for success right out of the gate.


The average user stays on a site for nine seconds. If they don't see something they like immediately then you will lose them and the majority don't return. When planning out the design of your website, we keep this in mind. Designing a website isn't about throwing some words and images on a page and making it live. Its about creating a brand, or integrating your existing brand, and making it easy for the user to find what they came there for.


Adding functionality to your site transforms it from a visual masterpiece to a powerful business tool. We create dynamic, highly interactive and functional websites. We offer a full package of back-end development including dynamic page generation, database design and development, built-in security, real-time payment processing, audio/video streaming and much more.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization needs to accomplish two things. First, the content on your site needs to be rich enough to keep visitors interested and give them the answers they need to turn them into loyal customers. Second, it needs to feed the search engine spiders and bots the correct keywords to ensure a high ranking based on the search criteria your site is optimized for. Jorley media will work with you to identify the keywords and phrases that describes your company or business and integrate them thoughout your site.


Lastly, Jorley Media will set up one of various analytic tools that we have in our arsenal to help you monitor your visitors. Information such as how long a user stays on your website and what page they leave on are crucial to developing future strategies to turn each visitor into a long term customer.