Mission Statement

Jorley Media is a new age web development company providing exceptional internet solutions for all business needs. We are built on a foundation of integrity and ethics. Our goal is to develop long term business relationships with all of our clients through good communication, delivering what we promise on time and dedicating ourselves to the growth and prosperity of our customers. When we give our word that something will be done, WE keep it.

A note from CEO and Founder, Scott Martin

After successfully building several companies including most recently taking an underperforming start up that was going under and turning it into a nearly million dollar company in less then a year, I decided to take my experience and business acumen and launch Jorley Media. Taking care of clients has always been a focus of mine but was never fully in my control. I believe that when a potential client invests in you to create something for them, be it a small project to help them develop a web presence or a large scale social network as their main business, you need to take care of them through keeping an open line of communication, hitting deadlines, being honest and having an end result that matches what you promised.

Jorlet media offers the following custom services

  • Social Network Development
  • Social Network Design
  • Social Account Management
  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Word Press Design and Integration
  • FaceBook Connect