Its all about the Engine

At the core of every Social Network there is an engine that is running it. The engine is the most imprtant part of the infrastructure. Everything that is built around it relies heavily on its stability.

Software Development Life Cycle

SDLC for short. This is a process used by developers when developing any type of software. While drawing up the architecture for my social networking software I made the decision to utilize this process because of its success rate. With a combination of following the guidelines and methodolgies of the SDLC and using the newest technologies available, I have put together a solid social networking engine that is scalable and stable.


All programming is done in a LAMP environment. What that means is all software I program is done in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. These technologies are considered open source and because there is no cost associated with using them I can extend that to my clients thus cutting down the project cost by almost 1/3 compared to my competition


My networks are built for long term growth. By utillzing a modular based approach, I can test each individual component to withstand high traffic volume which will give it the highest opportunity for success.


Each network is put through an intense load test to ensure it will hold up to a high volume of users.


When your network is completed, you will have a custom content management system (CMS) to use to control all aspects of your site. Each CMS panel is built specifically to fit your needs and site.


Each page on your social network will go through a validation script to minimize security risks by SQL injection or other malicous attacks. For the period of five years after your network launches if new threats become apparant I will go through your code to ensure you are protected provided no one else has worked on the site.

Some of the features our networks contain..

  • Well thought out navigation systems
  • Email verification on sign up
  • Site Search
  • Private inter network mail
  • Friend System
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Marketplace
  • Contests
  • Network feed
  • Blogs
  • Discussions / Forums
  • YouTube video integration
  • Photo Gallery
  • ... And anything else you can think of