Good design = good sales

If you think about it, a brick and mortar store use window displays to get people into their store that are walking by. This same strategy needs to be used for an ecommerce store. The average visitor spends nine seconds on a website. If their attention isn't kept, they are gone and most likely will not return. This is why you need a good ecommerce website design. When a visitor visits the site, right on the home page there needs to be things to keep them there. This is where we come in. Jorley Media will spend time with you to learn about your business and your consumers demographic. From there the ecommerce website is architected and designed.

It really is simple. First Contact us through our website. If you don't get through to us right away we will get back to you within a day.

Second, we will discuss your project, product and company so we have an idea of who you are, your consumer demographic is and what you are looking to achieve.

Next, we will develop a proposal to you based on your needs.

Lastly, if you decide to go with Jorley Media, we will architect a customer ecommerce website to your specs to ensure you the highest opportunity of success.