WordPress Web Design & CMS

Wordpress gained it's popularity by becoming the best open source free blogging software out there, Now, not only are people using it for blogging, but it has become one of the best content management system (CMS) platforms praised for its ease of use, community support and SEO capabilities.

With a custom designed Wordpress website, it wil afford you the ability to manage the content on your own site as well as maintain a SEO friendly blog. JorleyMedia offers the following.

  • Professional Custom Design: There are thousands of templates out there, and some of them are real nice, but do you want the face of your blog to be something that might already be out there? JorleyMedia will design a Wordpress Theme based on your current brand or create a completely custom brand for you.
  • Custom Development: With a ton of already made widgets out there, development of a Custom Wordpress Website becomes as easy as plug and play. JorleyMedia can also build custom plug ins for you.
  • SEO Friendly: Word Press is naturally a SEO machine. Google and Yahoo seem to rank Wordpress sites higher then most. We will make sure all the best SEO plugins are installed to compliment Custom Wordpress Design.search engine optimization services ensures that your site can contend on the search engines.