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Content Management Systems

A static website will only get you so far. Eventually, unless you want to pay a firm to do every small change you need to your website, you will want to have your website hooked up to a content management system ( CMS ). A CMS will allow you to add pages, change up your nav, write blogs, change site info, etc. This puts most of the power back in your hands.

Jorley Media has been building CMS systems since day one. We know our clients need something very easy to use that doesn't take a tech junkie to figure out. Our clients love our CMS systems. We build them to have only what you need. They are responsive and built with the newest tools available, and all of our custom websites come with them. Not only do they help you manage your site, they are built with smart technology to detect things like errors in the server and SEO problems.

If your existing site does not have a CMS system and you are interested in finding out more info about ours, contact us.